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May 18, 2024

Sound is a primordial form of conveying complex ecological information; a vast range of species — even those without ears — are remarkably sensitive to sound. --Karen Bakker

The Sounds of Invisible Worlds
Karen Bakker (1971-2023) takes us on a journey into the hidden realms of sound that surround us every day. From the gentle hum of insects to the intricate melodies of underwater creatures, she celebrates the interbeing of auditory experiences often overlooked in our bustling modern lives. Drawing on insights from researchers and sound artists, she highlights the diverse range of sounds produced by natural phenomena, wildlife, and even the earth itself. The essay sheds light on the importance of these sounds not only for the creatures that produce them, but also for our own understanding and appreciation of the interconnectedness of all living beings. [more...]

Take Action:Throughout your day intend to actively listen to the world around you. Whether it's during a walk in nature, a quiet moment by the any water source, or simply sitting, encouraging you to tune into the symphony of life playing out around you.

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