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Oct 7, 2022

To rise above treeline is to go above thought, and after, the descent back into bird song, bog orchids, willows, and firs is to sink into the preliterate parts of ourselves. --Gretel Ehrlich

"Treeline," filmed in three extraordinary forest landscapes across Japan, British Columbia and Nevada, asks us to question: what is a tree? What is our connection to our oldest living companions? When we take the time to really look, to really experience and to really open ourselves to these questions, we begin to realize the great mystery of trees. Giant in scale to other plants, they have a life that is as complex and mysterious as our own. Trees teach us so much with their characters of endurance and stability in a world that is full of change. [more...]

Take Action:Take the time to sit or stand next to a tree. Close your eyes and lean against it to feel its living presence. Listen and try to sense what lessons this tree can teach you?

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