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May 4, 2016

If you realized how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think a negative thought. --Peace Pilgrim

Peace Pilgrim: The Four Relinquishments
On New Year's Day a woman named Mildred Norman Ryder left behind her home, her family and her name, to begin what would turn into a 28-year walk for 'a meaningful way of life'. Peace Pilgrim's fearlessness, love and simplicity have inspired generations of people worldwide. Here she shares the four relinquishments that powered her way of life. "Once you've made the first relinquishment, you have found inner peace because it's the relinquishment of self-will. You can work on this by refraining from doing any not-good thing you may be motivated toward, but you never suppress it! If you are motivated to do or say a mean thing, you can always think of a good thing. You deliberately turn around and use that same energy to do or say a good thing instead. It works! " Read on for the other three relinquishments, and more of Peace Pilgrim's timeless wisdom. [more...]

Take Action:This Saturday join an Awakin Call with the "Winter Pilgrim" Anne Sieben. This 52-year-old woman and former nuclear engineer has been a life-dedicated mendicant pilgrim since 2007. Read more about her inspirational journey and RSVP for the call here! [more]

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