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Aug 20, 2014

Music is what feelings sound like. --Georgia Cates

Songwriting With Soldiers
A chance meeting with a soldier after performing in a hospital in Germany inspired songwriter Darden Smith to work with members of the military to turn their stories into music. Smith now runs Songwriting With:Soldiers, a non-profit organization which pairs veterans and troops with professional songwriters in a peaceful environment. The service members share their stories and the songwriters mold them into lyrics and set them to melody. "We all have a story," Smith says. "When we listen, and listen well enough to take the solders' words and turn them into art, and sing it back to them, something happens. What it is, I don't know. I'm a songwriter, not a therapist. But something happens, and it's powerful." [more...]

Take Action:Find a song that expresses how you feel about a loved one and share that song with them.

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