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Jul 15, 2019

Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor. --Leilah Gifty Akita

5 Scientists on the Heroes Who Changed Their Lives
Every hero and innovator stands on the shoulders of the giants who came before. But sometimes the power of influence one has on another is subtle or indirect. Perhaps it is a life spirit shared by Helen Keller in her autobiography that inspires a scientist to fully engage in her study of plants. Perhaps it is a shy physicist who plants the seed in a student that he, too, can aspire to something great. In this article from Nautilus Magazine, five scientists share the somewhat surprising stories about who inspired them in their work. [more...]

Take Action:Consider a "retinue," a constellation of influential and supportive people whom one imagines in an enveloping cloud as one meditates. Who is in your retinue? Who are your mentors? Say a word of thanks for these people and look for opportunities to mentor others yourself.

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