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Jul 21, 2014

I believe empathy is the most essential quality of civilization. --Roger Ebert

The Age of Outrospection
In the age of outrospection, the journey lies in taking a whole-hearted leap into the shoes of another. Outrospection, defined by Maptia as understanding "life through the eyes of others, fostering an adventurous curiosity for other lives and places beyond our own experience." Widening our circle of compassion from loved ones to embrace all beings with care and goodwill not only has intrinsic value, but can also foster peace-building, help combat climate change, and the many other cross-cutting issues worldwide. To start: listen to somebody else's story, and tell your own. This article, which includes some of the most current ideas and perennial reflections, shares more. [more...]

Take Action:"Outrospect" though space and time by thinking about how one of your actions today may affect others in other countries or future generations. Does this change your actions?

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