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Feb 22, 2017

The best art, I would say, is to give form to more sublime instincts or sublime states of mind. So, we give form to our spiritual condition, our spiritual state. This is what it means to give form to the formless. --Ron Nakasone

Ron Nakasone & the Art of Sho
"There are still things I don't understand about the brush; I know that when I practice. I know what kind of lines I want. The lines have to be ones with great integrity, a great rationality; and also ones that are visually appealing, because the role of an artist, of course, is to communicate. Hopefully my sho, my calligraphy, will get better and more mature as I get older. I remember when I first began to study with Morita he and I were talking -- and he says to me, 'You know, I'm looking forward to growing old.' I was kind of befuddled by this. I was only about twenty-six. I thought, 'What is this old man talking about?' So I asked him, "Why?" very incredulously. And he said, 'Well, I want to see how my art will grow and how it will change.'" Scholar, priest and master calligrapher Ron Nakasone shares more in this thoughtful interview. [more...]

Take Action:Turn one of your routines into a contemplative practice -- walking, eating, writing. For more inspiration, watch this short film made by a filmmaker who spent four months observing Nakasone at work. [more]

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